Web Geeks are people who are really-really smart too!

Web Geeks AThe following is a team of web geeks. In a nutshell, we found love on the internet. We are not just web users, we are also web entrepreneurs. Our goal is to open other people's minds on the endless possibilities the Internet offers.

Harold ‘The Boss’ Hill

I am the website writer. I’ve always had a curious mind. Even as a child, the Internet offered me a platform to discover new things. And this interest developed into creativity and innovation. Now lame highly successful web entrepreneur and it is all because I have always had a need to know I believe success is more about perseverance and belief in oneself. And I am living proof of this My favorite quote is, "Everyone can tell you the risk, an entrepreneur can see the reward".

June ‘Miss Independent’ Bennett

I am the website editor. My father used to say, "If opportunity does not knock, build your own door". I am very lucky I understood the depth of this saying early enough and I made up my mind to make my own way because life is too short to work for someone else's dreams. I love that I am my own boss. It is fulfilling and allows me to pursue my other passions. My goal is to publish a self-help book to help other people actualize the dream of becoming independent.

Desmond 'White Egret’ Richards

I am a contributing writer to the website. A long time ago I tried being normal but it was super awkward and I went back to being me. People say I am weird because I dress differently, I speak differently and apparently I act differently. In my opinion, eccentricity is part of the creative being. I create great things because I think outside the box. And that is who I am. I love the quote, "It is weird not to be weird". My online name is White Egret. I am fascinated with birds, and I believe White Egrets are the prettiest birds on the planet.

‘Barney ‘The Old Owl’ Hoover

I am the associate editor for the website. It is a beautiful thing to discover something you love and I am glad I discovered web designing. My goal is to mentor young people and help them figure out their passion. I believe we all need a helping hand to achieve our goals. I would like to do for others what my mentor did for me. Working as an associate editor for the website allows me to interact with young creative minds who are eager to learn and I am so happy I get to help them on their journeys. The other members of the team refer to me as The Old Owl because my attention to detail is unmatched by no other.

We love sharing our journey to success with the world and we hope to inspire web users to get creative and innovative. We are committed to curating informative, educative, and entertaining content that is helpful and of the highest quality. If you haven’t written to us before or want to see something posted here in the future- be sure to contact us with you ideas anytime.



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