How to eat breakfast to help you lose weight effectively?

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Emphasis on eating more breakfast. That doesn’t mean eating any type of food. and as much as we want to eat It means having breakfast in large quantities. As much as you do. together with other normal meals in 1 day. That is, we may choose to eat foods that contain carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals from all 5 groups in similar proportions. Whether it’s plain rice with pork blood soup, noodles, grilled pork sticky rice with a small salad, a bowl of congee, boiled rice, or fried rice with vegetables and meat as you like. 

Then gradually Reduce the amount of energy from food in lunch and dinner. Which may choose to eat more fruits. And vegetables than carbohydrates, protein and fat, this will help us have a full breakfast. Help reduce hunger at each meal. And also reduces energy received in the evening which is the lowest energy consumption of the day as well UFABET

However, for breakfast that still many people choose not to eat because the morning is a time of hustle Didn’t wake up in time to eat? Or opt for just a cup of coffee and a couple of small pastries? please think again Because if you want to lose weight effectively Breakfast is more important than you think.