Money Train 2 at a Glance: An Overview of a Famous Slot’s Sequel

Money Train 2 at a Glance: An Overview of a Famous Slot’s Sequel

June 13, 2021 Off By webadmin

Everyone wants to get from gambling not only a portion of excitement but also a good win. And this rule works great when it comes to the continuation of the famous western slot Money Train.

It is that slot that will help you get the highest wagering and at the same time immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Wild West. Feel like one of the outlaws hunting the money train. Let’s consider all the features of this slot in more detail.

All the Merits of Money Train 2 at a Glance

  • Almost x50.000 payout;
  • An interesting plot that excites from the start;
  • Advanced features and bonuses.

Maybe you have already evaluated the predcestor of that slot named Money Train. It was developed by Relax Gaming in 2019. As the popularity of the slot was extremely high, the sequel was not a surprise. There is a major common feature for both these slots. They are highly focused on players who strive to get maximum from the gameplay including special bonuses and options. With them, you can win even more getting up to 50.000 times more from your stack.

We cannot say that slot has challenging gameplay but the presence of multiple bonuses including well-known by the Money Train lovers Money Cart Bonus.

In general, we highly recommend you to try Money Train 2 if you love games of chance.

Free Spins Available in Money Train 2

For those who always want to try out the functionality of the game before betting on their money, we have great news. You can easily check how Money Train 2 works with the free spins built into this slot. Most of the European MGA accredited casinos have this opportunity. So, in them, you can try Money Train 2 demo without obligatory registration. In addition, free spins are provided without a mandatory deposit. This is a great opportunity to practice before you start your Big Game for money.

Main Features Money Train 2 Has

In this slot, you can get all the merits of an up-to-date slot. This includes built-in cool features like buy bonuses, golden bonus symbol, Persistent gamer’s mode and special ranks of Collector/Sniper/Necromancer/Payer due to your gaming activity.

Money Train 2 Design and Plot

The spin’s plot is based on one of the most popular themes – the world of the Wild West. Here you will find many analogies with another popular slot Wild Chapo. You have to face a train carrying goods across the prairie, where many dangers await it. As in the first Money Train, it has its own symbols that can multiply your winnings. They are similar to the prequel in both names and images, although small changes in the design of the characters are still present.


So, during the game, special attention should be paid to the symbols of the train team, the Wizard and the Green Sniper. They are capable of both increasing your winnings by 8-20 times.

Money Cart Bonus Mode

In case, you have 3+ scatters in your main game or when using one more special feature of Money Train 2 – respin – you can get to the Money Cart Bonus level. In that case, your screen will be darkened and your reel is changing. Now there are only symbols we were talking about before. When starting that level, you need first to determine the multiplier on the scatters. Then you’ll get your 3 tries (free spins). If the special symbol appears in the reel when you are spinning, the number of free spins returns to 3 so you are welcome to continue your Money Cart Bonus experience.

Let’s highlight the main symbols and their features.

  • The Sniper hits the target and it multiplies the value of other symbols (from 3 to 8 of them). There are no limitations to applying it.
  • The Collector’s symbol gathers all the values of other symbols on the reel and adds them to its value.
  • Collector/Payer Symbol is similar to the Collector, yet it brings cumulative values to all the symbols.
  • Payer Symbol instead of adding all the values adds only its value to all other symbols.
  • Necromancer resurrects from 1 to 6 previous symbols you got.
  • The Golden Bonus is a symbol that increases the value up to x200 with a minimal increase in x20.
  • Reset + is a symbol that increases the value of all spins +1.
  • Persistent symbols are designed to add values to all the symbols you’ll spin further.

Getting a whole reel of symbols opens an additional reel. This could happen several times. At the end of the level, you get your bet increased by the value of all the symbols that are on the reel actually.

Besides the Money Cart Bonus itself, you can get access to it via the special Buy Bonus option. After you make bets by 100 times, you’ll get your 3 scatters guaranteed for starting your special bonus round.

Making Summaries

We can say, we were highly impressed by the Money Train 2 Slot. This is a really winning slot that allows getting great payouts. Despite its quite simple gameplay, multiple features make the gaming experience exciting and bring pleasure. Besides, this slot is among the rare category of slots having 98% RTP. So, we highly recommend you to try it at least once as it is a really worthy game of chance represented in past few years.