Ceme or Ceme, an online gambling game that you can play and get rich quickly

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Ceme or Ceme, an online gambling game. That you can play and get rich quickly.

It is an online gambling game that uses Dominoes. to play mainly If you’ve played dominoes before. This game is definitely easy for you. Today we are going to review SEMI games about how to play. betting and the real bet that this game How much profit can you make in UFABET, an online gambling website that offers a new type of gambling game? Choose whether to be the dealer or the player. Compete with other players. Win prizes of great value. Get rich easily in one website for sure.

Ceme’s play

In this SEMI game. Total of 28 dominoes are use per betting round. And with only 2 draws, the gameplay is similar to the QQ domino game. But not always everything When playing games. It is easier to play. By simply, you will be counting the important points as follows.

  • Total point cards 7 sets 0It is a domino that must only have a point on the top or bottom of a total of 7 cards.
  • card points 6 sets 1It is a 6 card with a single dot on top of the card only. by a total of 6 cards
  • points 5 sets of 2In each of the 5 cards there must be two dots on the top or bottom of the card only.
  • The card points total 4 sets of 3Of all 4 cards, there must be a top or bottom three card that must be 3 out of a total of 4 cards.
  • card points 3 sets of 4All three cards must have an upper or lower value that is 4 points only.
  • 2 sets of 5In both cards, there must be 5 points, only above or below the card.
  • Total card points 1 set of 6It is the only card that must have 6 points above or below only.

If you can remember this set of 7 points counting, it means that you already know the meaning of point counting in this SEMI game . Next is playing and how interesting and how to play. Why is it an attractive online gambling game?

Let’s start playing Ceme games

By entering this game. It can seen that Can participate in bets from 2-8 people. You can choose whether to be a player or a banker. Then a total of 2 cards are dealt until. The next player is able to see the cards of other players. By limiting the time Later it will be a showdown. It will determine the winner from the person with the highest card points. And in this game, the highest score is set to 9 points. The counting of points is to count every point on the left and right cards. Bring them together as a total score. If the points that are unit digits from 1-9 are normal points. If the score is more than 10 onwards. Points will count from the unit digit or called the last digit. Especially if you’re a 9-point player, the dealer pays you twice as much.

Count special card points, Ceme Z has that can win immediately.

SEMI has special points that can receive multiple times the prize money at once. To receive this special prize or jackpot. All 4 cards must be dealt and need to bet more on each card to win the jackpot. And the cards that will get you the jackpot are as follows:

  • Six Godsis the 4 card that you will receive. Each card must have 6 points only, which if completed, will receive a total of 24 points.
  • Twin SeriesThis set of cards must dealt with the same top and bottom cards only. With points from 0 to 6
  • Pure BigTo receive this special set of cards. Cards of the same rank both upper. Lower are dealt as follows: 6 4 5 5 points.
  • Pure SmallIt is a special 4 card card, the first card must not have dots. The second card has 1 dot, the 2nd card has two dots, and the 3rd card only has three dots. and must be above or below only

This is the total playability of this game. The rules of play are not as difficult as you think, of course. Many of you have already won countless big prizes. And the counting of points is a little like a bounce card game. But it only works in the form of dominoes. If you are interest in taking part in the betting of this game, go with us. Just access to only and also have a special bonus. that allows you to join the fun to receive more prize money as well