Ancelotti responds to rumours Preparing to sell Hazard to Arsenal & Chelsea

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Ancelotti responds to rumours Preparing to sell Hazard to Arsenal & Chelsea

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti gave an interview to the press in person. After rumors he was keen to sell Eden Hazard this summer. With Arsenal and Chelsea being link together.

“Hazard has made his plans for the future quite clear. And the club respond well. Despite having been through difficult times since moving. But the morale is still good. Which I like very much with that level of determination,” Jae’s coach told UFABET.

“This kid knows how high his quality is. So it’s not unusual to want to show the world that failure is just a moment in your life. All of that is the reason. Why he will stay with Madrid for at least another year.”

“I as the head coach Confirm that there is a chance that Hazard will play more. Because we are a big team that wants to win every title. There are many competitive programs. Players must be rotated in and out throughout the season. Everyone is always in my sight. Absolutely no fallout.”

“At the same time, they understand the status of the club. We are a superpower team. Getting to grips with the real 11 was a difficult task than imagined. I personally put quality and collaborative interests first and foremost. That special kind of pampering can be forgotten.”

“This season, Rodrigo is the most important left-wing forward for the team, but really, he hasn’t start every game, has he? What has brought him to that point is purely quality. Which is an example that every Madrid player should understand.”