Robertson: Liverpool players aim to avenge Real Madrid in the UCL

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Robertson: Liverpool players aim to avenge Real Madrid in the UCL

Liverpool left -back Andy Robertson believes he and his team-mates are looking forward to playing Real Madrid in the Champions League final. After not being able to win at all in the latter meeting, According to reports from the UFABET

The final of Europe’s main event will take place in Paris, France on May 28. The third final in five years for Jer Klopp and the Reds. It’s great to face the White King in this cup.

As for the meeting between the two teams, Liverpool lost in the 2018 final and then were knocked out by Madrid at the quarter-finals last season. Which Robbo has said about it.

“Look, it’s clear that the final against Madrid was not what we wanted and they just knock us out last season. Since I’ve been here we haven’t beaten them even once. They beat us in the final and kicked us out of the knockout stages. So it’s good to see each other again and try to win because we’ve never been able to.”

“But when it comes to the finals, you want to be a winner. It doesn’t matter which team you meet. You want to win and that’s my opinion. But it’s also Real Madrid’s idea. So it will be a very difficult game but we still have important games in the Premier League to focus on first. Then we have about a week to concentrate on this final.”