Weghorst wants to stay in Manchester United.

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Waut Weghorst the Dutch center forward Still hoping fully to stay with Manchester United next season. But the club does not seem to have that plan.

The Telegraph reports that Weghorst is desperate to stay at Manchester United for the 2023-24 season. After his loan deal with Burnley expired this summer.

However, Manchester United’s chief executive is not looking at Weghorst as part of their plans for the summer transfer window. Although playing according to the team manager Eric Ten Hag’s plan. But when the number of goals scored did not meet the target. UFABET It made the club want another option.

Manchester United want a loan deal that pays Weghorst £120,000 a week ended after this season. And send a big center forward back to the real agency Burnley. A club that has been promoted to the Premier League.

News reports indicate that Manchester United have not started any negotiations with representatives of Weghorst on any issue at all, amid speculation that discussions are unlikely to occur because of the Red Devils. There is no plan to sign a permanent contract.

For the 30-year-old striker, he has played 27 games in all competitions, scoring just two goals in the Carabao Cup and Europa League. While none in 14 Premier League games.